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CURRENT AFFAIRS - ART & CULTURE Odisha celebrates Nuakhai festival today | 06-Sep-2016 18:27

Nuakhai, the agrarian mass festival of western Odisha, is being celebrated today. The festival is celebrated to welcome the new rice of the season. It is observed on panchami tithi, the day after Ganesh Chaturthi. To mark the day, several traditional programmes have been organised.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has greeted the people of Odisha on the occasion. He said in a tweet that may this festival bring more prosperity in the lives of farmers. After three days of heavy rain, the weather is sunny in the state today.

Solung festival is being celebrated in Arunachal | 01-Sep-2016 12:46

The Adi tribe of Arunachal Pradesh is celebrating Solung festival from today. The festival is celebrated in the first week of September every year for 5 days. Solung is an agro-based festival. It also reflects the socio-religious features of the Adi people.

People perform various rituals and make offerings to gods and goddesses during the celebration and pray for a bumper harvest. Mithun, Great Indian Bison, whose sacrifice is given during the celebration, is considered as holy animal and occupies an important religious significance among the Adis. People present gifts of meat and Apong (rice beer) to neighbours and relatives on the occasion thus cementing family and social relationships.

Another feature of this festival is care and protection of animals which are vital components of their family and social life. Merry-making and feasting also form a part of this celebration.

In brief, Solung reflects the Adi community’s cultural, socio-economic and spiritual values.

Indian art and culture to be on full display during first ever Festival of India in Australia | 03-Aug-2016 19:19

Indian art and culture will be on full display during the first ever Festival of India in Australia.

The four-month festival beginning this month will continue till November in seven cities in Australia. It will present some of the finest elements of India’s classical and contemporary culture to a variety of dance, music, theatre, visual arts and textiles.

The festival is being organized by the Ministry of Culture with the support of Indian Council for Cultural Relations and India Tourism.

The Festival is coordinated by the High Commission of India in Australia. Culture and Tourism Minister Mahesh Sharma gave this information in the Rajya Sabha today.