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CURRENT AFFAIRS - INDEX India becomes 3rd largest aviation market in domestic traffic | 28-Mar-2017 15:53

       India has become the third largest aviation market in terms of domestic passenger traffic, beating Japan.

        India's domestic air passenger traffic stood at 100 million in 2016 and was behind only the US (719 million) and China (436 million), Sydney-based aviation think-tankCentre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) said in its latest report.

India ranks 87th on energy architecture performance: WEF | 26-Mar-2017 13:59

India has marginally improved its position to 87th place on a global energy architecture performance index, but ranks among the worst for pollution, a survey showed.

Switzerland topped the annual list released by Geneva- based World Economic Forum (WEF) and was followed by Norway, Sweden, Denmark and France in the top five. India's rank improved three places from 90th last year.

According to the findings, the world's biggest energy consumers struggle to take leading positions on the index as they grapple with inherent challenges of their large, complex energy systems and are outperformed by more nimble economies. 

"Overall, some of the largest consumers of energy such as China (95th), India, Japan (45th), the Russian Federation (48th) and the United States (52nd) have either slipped in the rankings or experienced only marginal gains," it added. 

India ranks 131 on Human Development Index | 24-Mar-2017 14:27

India came down by one slot and was ranked 131st among 188 countries on Human Development Index (HDI) 2016 released by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

India fell under the "medium human development category" and its HDI, at 0.624, was behind Sri Lanka and the Maldives in South Asia.


Sri Lanka and the Maldives were ranked 73 and 105 respectively and figure in the "high human development" section.

India was placed behind countries like Gabon (109), Egypt (111), Indonesia (113), South Africa (119) and Iraq (121) among others. The report lists a total of 188 countries.

China occupies the 90th spot. Bhutan is at 132, Bangladesh 139, Nepal 144 and Pakistan is at 147.

Devised and launched in 1990, HDI is a statistic which ranks countries into four tiers of human development on the basis of indicators like life expectancy, education and per capita income.

A higher lifespan, higher level of education and higher GDP per capita results in a country scoring higher HDI.

The top three countries in HDI were Norway (0.949), Australia (0.939) and Switzerland (0.939).